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January 31, 2019 / By Aithra

From the effectiveness to the simplicity of the building installation, it doesn’t come as a surprise that modular accommodations have been commended by a lot of people within a multitude of industries. From the commercial sector to residential, contractors are implementing Turnkey Modular Systems and for good reason.

What is Modular Construction?

Modular buildings are assembled buildings that are developed in a plant and then
conveyed to the client in bits or a more complete modular unit. These units are usually constructed in a sealed off facility where reduced environmental influences are not permissible to hinder the timeline of the construction. Contrary to old-fashioned construction modus operandi, turnkey modular structures are cost-effective and a timely venue for superior production.

The Turnkey Modular Benefit

Modular building construction has many advantages over traditional construction. Modular buildings offer significant advantages when matched with conventional buildings, and it includes:

  • Reliable Quality
  • Less Construction time
  • Very Flexible to use
  • Reduced Site Interference
  • Financial Savings

The benefits of Modular Accommodations, portable buildings and perpetual modular buildings have given rise to widespread recognition of Turnkey Modular Systems as a better substitute to the conventional construction.

Today, modular building modules can be built in hi-tech facilities same as site preparation, which in turn, saves you a lot of time and money. Once on site, you can add architectural details, which makes the turnkey modular project indistinguishable from orthodox construction.

Why Go Modular?

Turnkey modular construction is the only type of construction method that allows site work and building construction to proceed concurrently with a faster timetable without sacrificing quality or safety. Unlike the conventional construction, turnkey modular allows the possibility of future relocation and expansion. Efficient technology and transportation now enable a majority of the project to be accomplished in a controlled off-site construction facility, which reduces risk and complex scheduling concerns.

To add to the faster completion timetables, Turnkey Modular systems also provides cost-effective, flexible, financing measures. For instance, leasing arrangements and considerably accelerated devaluation schedules can make turnkey modular facilities an exceptionally economical substitute to your precise construction needs.

Our clients prefer modular structures for a number of reasons:

Speed: It Reduces Construction Time

By embracing the modular accelerated production scheme, your building can be assembled in less time compared to the time it takes most architectural drawings to get approved. Modular structures eliminate tailbacks and site related interruptions. Modular structures decrease construction and design time by 50%, with less change orders, enhanced cash flow and earlier occupancy.

Quality: High-tech Facilities

Modular buildings are obligated to meet the same building codes, rules and regulations, customs and conventions as the traditional construction. This means that you will get the same durability, quality, and longevity with modular accommodations as you would with the orthodox construction.

Planning: Reliable Timeframe

Modular structures are completed in industrialized plants, so the modular accommodation construction is never hindered by weather conditions and always happens within a specific timeframe. Since site preparation can occur while the modular system is being constructed, you will be operating in your brand new facility quicker than expected.

Financing: Valuable Savings

Turnkey Modular systems help you save money due to reduced labor and substantial cost savings. Off-site construction takes full advantage of labor exertions and quality while minimalizing material waste and purchases. Modular buildings provide great financial alternatives; you have the ability to lease your portable structure, purchase it completely, or select a lease-to-own proposal or a definite buy-back option. Modular design and techniques are an outstanding solution that is capable of meeting the needs of all kinds of industries with the aim of delivering state-of-the-art, cost-effective services in a well-timed manner.

Flexibility and Quality Control: Permanent or Temporary

The Flexibility level of modular components can add to the cost-effectiveness in the long run. The ability to extend and relocate a modular structure makes a mind-blowing alternative to the regular construction method.

Quality control is looked into during the modular construction process. Each component is reviewed at every phase and accepted by third-party supervisors, complying with specific codes and specifications.

Aithra Projects Inc.

At Aithra Projects we offer a complete Turnkey Modular Installation service.  Our crew of highly trained professionals in the field of turnkey modular installations, relocatable buildings and site services provide a degree of safety and quality no one else can.

Aithra Projects Inc. uses high-tech facilities that incorporate best practices in workflow and design. We install both provisional portable buildings and everlasting modular structures. Their durable, relocatable, and secure characteristics make them perfect for both permanent and temporary applications that will meet any industry requirements.

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