At Aithra Projects, the simple and traditional approach to our construction projects is Design-Build. We offer superior construction and Design-Build services to deliver a project in which the services – design and construction are carried out by a single entity. Our team of experts works together from the beginning to finish with clear communication and attentive collaboration to deliver excellent results. Our team – from architects to estimators and builders to engineers sit with clients to develop the best ideas for their projects.

With our Design-Build process, we provide our clients a single source for the design and construction stages of the project. At Aithra Projects, we help our clients to considerably streamline the process to ensure that every party involved are on the same page from the beginning to the end. We manage all the contracts with contractors, companies, material providers and equipment merchants. This translates to efficient, cost-effective, and lasting results for our clients.

We place an emphasis on the involvement of our clients for the Design-Build services to help minimize errors, reduce stress and maximize communication all through the project. We can assure you that Aithra Projects is an effective Design-Builder when it comes to simple and complex projects. We establish guaranteed costs at the beginning of the project especially at the design phase so that our clients can make any changes or request for any additional features. This means that disputes, changes, claims or any delay hardly occur during the projects.

With the single point of contract, we manage every project with an achievable and realistic and superior construction / building programs for our clients. This helps us to improve risk management, save cost and time – deliver the project within the scheduled timeline.

The benefits of single sourcing:
• Single source of accountability
• Budget management
• Enhanced communication
• Faster project completion
• Quality control management
• Improved risk management