Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular Construction

May 11, 2018 / By Aithra

Why Build Modular
Modular construction has become a trend and a large percentage construction companies and residential homebuilders are turning to this building solution.

Modular construction definition
According to Wikipedia, “Modular buildings and modular homes are sectional prefabricated buildings, or houses, that consist of multiple sections called modules”.  The modular construction methods are regarded as permanent modular construction and they are more flexible, affordable and easy to build, as well as environmentally friendly than traditional construction methods.

Benefits of Modular Construction
There are reasons why modular building construction is becoming a widely used building method across Alberta and the rest of the world. Modular construction benefits industrial companies, municipal facility owners, and residential owners. Many end users can gain from modular construction advantages. Apart from revolutionizing the way buildings are constructed, here are the top benefits of modular construction to take note:

  1. Flexibility
    The modular building constructions have more flexibility and adaptability. This means they can adapt to any change or expansion in the future. Besides, the modular components can be reused, expanded, moved or repositioned without any difficulty.   Modular buildings are built in a way that they will meet any of your requirements.
  1. Affordable Modular Construction Cost
    Modular building constructions feature prefabricated components, which are easy and quick to install resulting to a low cost of labour. All modular constructions are cost-effective due to a short construction time and low maintenance cost. The modular components are strong and require just little maintenance every now and then. The prefabricated wall panels require sporadic surface cleaning, there is no need to repaint or provide any repairs on the surface.

Why Build Modular

  1. Lessened Design Time
    Every component of a modular building is pre-engineered. This means that the amount of time spent on the architectural and engineering designs are reduced.  The designs are bespoke, and tailored to your needs and requirements including budget and space.
  2. Environmentally Friendly
    Modular construction facilities are environmentally friendly because they are built in controlled and natural environments.  The buildings are built with eco-friendly materials and the process requires less energy compare to other methods of construction. Unlike other construction practices, waste products are not discarded; they are stored and recycled for use.

Modular buildings are built in a controlled environment and this means that the safety and quality of the building are guaranteed.  Modular construction disadvantages are lesser than site-built constructions because the modular structures are completed in a factory-controlled location using dry materials to avoid moistures.  The building materials are also stored in a controlled environment to protect them from moulds, weather, theft and vandalism.

Modular construction is growing increasingly in Alberta and the contractors at Aithra Projects Inc. offer modular building constructions for industrial and residential facilities. We are experienced in designing and installing modular buildings in rural and urban areas.


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