All You Need to Know About Modular Construction

October 8, 2018 / By Aithra

Considering a modular build?  Building a modular home, commercial construction or workforce accommodation, modular has numerous benefits. Let us explain. Modular construction is the act of constructing a building in an off-site location, under controlled atmospheric conditions, using similar materials, standards and design codes like the everyday buildings built for our convenience but in less time.

After a modular building has been constructed into several sections or modules if you like, in a safe off-site location, it will be delivered to its final destination which could be a construction or building site where it will be installed.

Due to the proficiency of modular constructions, a lot of people seem to be interested in modular constructions. Residential home builders and commercial contractors have come to embrace the modular way.

You can make use of modular for almost any purpose, be it your home office, shower blocks, conducive remote workforce accommodation, shelter, office units, fire camp, camp install, electrical install, mechanical install, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Structures?

1. It Offers Flexibility

When it comes to the conventionally built buildings, the location where the building will rest would have been decided beforehand and once built, the building rests there forever unless there is a natural disaster, or something knocks it down.

However, with modular construction, the case is different. A modular building will afford you a flexibility option since it can be conveyed to and fro different locations to enable you to use it in different construction sites or areas of interest. Due to the high-quality materials used in constructing modular buildings and installation, it is able to withstand movement, turbulence and upheaval.

In the same light, you can afford to modify an existing modular structure by expanding it to suit your future needs.

2. It Allows You to Go Green

In today’s world, there is so much concern for our environment and modular enables us to build in an environmentally friendly way. The components used in the construction of modular buildings are manufactured and assembled in a safe factory atmosphere where dust and noise is nothing to be worried about.

The materials and components have a high tolerance rate since the workload is performed using adequate gear and in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

3. Modular Construction Offers Fewer Disruptions

Since modular constructions are done in a controlled environment, disruption at the final destination will be at its minimum. If your intentions are to make use of your modular building as an office space within the confines of your existing company, you have nothing to worry about, it will be business as usual for you in your existing office space due to a lack of disruption.

Once the building has been constructed and assembled, it will be shipped to your destination for installation by proficient installers.

For the conventional building lovers, there are also a lot of merits ascribed to that but you can’t take away the flexibility, simplicity and cost effectiveness of modular structures which far outweigh that of the conventional buildings.

4. Duration of Use

Your modular structure could be permanent or temporary. The permanent structures are constructed, assembled and installed for longer use. You can use them for decades, similar to the regular buildings.

The temporary modular structures, on the other hand, are constructed, assembled and installed for the short term, let’s say a few months or a few years. Bear in mind that the temporary modular constructions are very durable and can stand many rounds of relocation and installation.

If modular installation sounds like something you will like to do, or if you want to know more about the modular installation process, visit our website to know more. We install various types of modular products for all kind of work environments.

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